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Fallout 4 Top 10 Worst Design Choices and Biggest Mistakes

Fallout 4 Top 10 Worst Design Choices and Biggest Mistakes.

We start with number 10. POWER ARMOR. So Why is the power armor in the Top 10 of the worst mistakes in Fallout 4?

I’d like to make it clear at the start I think the Power Armor is a great addition to Fallout 4, my issue with it lies purely in the way it was introduced to the player.

In Fallout 4 Power Armor you feel heavy, clunky, slow, huge, and powerful. This is emphasised well when fighting enemies like Deathclaws, you can be picked up and thrown around and you can feel your weight, the interaction works just like I always imaged it would and it is a very immersive experience.

The art style of the armor is also fantastic. The X-01 is my favourite by far, it looks dark and intimidating, showing that the Fallout style was amazing before Bethesda got involved. It reminds me that Black Isle Studios deserve a lot of credit for actually inventing the Fallout series in the first place.

This is why I have put the power armor at number 10 in this discussion. There are still a lot of positives to discuss. The main issue is as follows:

Most players know you can find and wear a full set of some of the games best power armor within 20 minutes of starting Fallout 4. The reason this is such a mistake is fairly clear. The purpose of RPGs like Fallout are to start you with a weak character with very few abilities, you then can craft and upgrade your character the more you play the game. This adds meaning to your achievements as you progress and unlock new items and upgrades for your character. The enjoyment revolves around watching your player grow from nothing. In this RPG you can very easily become one of the most powerful characters in the game within 20 minutes. This is made even worse by making you fight and kill one of the most daunting enemies in the game immediately after, the Deathclaw, who also gets no build up or anticipation, it just shows up.

It is disappointing because arguably one of the biggest gameplay alterations and improvements in the game is effectively given to you with no effort of your own. You haven’t earned this achievement, past the effort of earning the money to buy Fallout 4. It sours your later achievements because you have already pretty much reached the top, and other achievements are a lot less significant in comparison. It is important to note that the usefulness of your Power armor is reduced because it requires fusion cores, but these are not hugely rare and do not change the fact that the power armour can be used so early on.

There is more discussed in the video, but this is a taster. So please watch the video to enjoy the remained of the details on the Fallout 4 Top 10 Worst Design Choices and Biggest Mistakes
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