January 11th, 2016

David Bowie Top 10 Appearances in Video Games - Dies Aged 69

Yesterday David Bowie died after a 18 month fight with cancer. As part of a tribute to his life I have made a video covering David Bowie Top 10 Appearances in Video Games.

The full top 10 video can be seen here:

David Bowie is famously known as one of the most innovative artists of all time, who constantly remerged as alternative pop icons throughout his career. Each persona was a new person entirely and as a result he garnered a cult following like few have ever known. Following his death at age 69, he will be missed greatly.

David Bowie Top 10 (top ten) Appearances in Video Games are as follows.

Number 10. Dog meat, Fallout 4:
Using a mod you can give Dog Meat David Bowies infamous eyes. Interestingly both of David Bowies eyes are both actually blue, he did not have heterochromia. Because of this it gets number 10 on this Top 10 David Bowie Appearances in Video Games

Number 9. Zangoose, Pokemon series, generation 3 to present.:
Zangoose sounds a little bit too much like Ziggy to me. Here we have a Pokemon which seems to be at least somewhat inspired by our lightning bolt clad David Bowie. This one is definitely up for debate but is a fun comparison to make.

Number 8. Labyrinth: The Computer Game, LucasFilm
That’s right, there is a computer game based on the Labyrinth movie. I’m as stunned as you are. It was even developed by LucasFilm, who made the Monkey Island and Maniac mansion games. It had the LucasFilm brand of comedy, and hilariously made more money than the film it was based on. It is all worth it to see David Bowies Face in all its Commodore 64 glory.

Number 7. All those Dancing and Singing games
Not quite as targeted as The Beatles: Rock Band, Bowie instead saw a couple of his songs spread throughout a dozen or so games. These are games like Guitar Hero and Karaoke revolution where you get to pretend to be the man himself in front of all your adoring friends. Or you know, alone in your basement with your 12 cats, there is little else to add to this, its guitar hero but with David Bowie. Eh

Number 6. The Emperor of Palamecia, Final fantasy 2, Square Enix
The internet is a crazy place, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to unearthing video game characters that are based on David Bowie. I’ve tried to avoid these in this list since it’s been covered so well, but just look at him, its Jareth Dammit. To back up these claims, in one of its sequels, final fantasy 7, there is an enemy named Gighee, which can also be read as ‘Ziggy’. If you look at the character model you can see the iconic Ziggy forehead, it even has a guitar for a tail. There is also a song in Final Fantasy 7 called Stardust March which can be used if the character Ziggy is alive. Okay, now I am convinced Square Enix were fans, I really doubt the The Emperor of Palamecia thing was a coincidence.

Number 5. Dungeons of Dreadmor, BowieMancy, BlueHinter.
Dungeons of Dreadmor is a turn based RPG where you define a class by picking from a list of skills that you continuously upgrade throughout the game, y’no proficiency with swords, duel wielding weapons and such.
A mod of the game has been implemented by BlueHinter where one of the skills you can pick is ‘BowieMancy’ this leads to spells such as ‘Under Pressure’ which has various effects on enemies like ‘Rock n Roll suicide’ or Golden years’. Seriously it’s good. Its missing a suffragette city spell as far as I can see, but there are enough hits included to make it worth your while.

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