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March 19th, 2006


uglybastard in fallout

The car I promised too long ago...

So I finished the custom Highwayman. Unfortunately I'm a much better model builder than I am a photographer. Since I can't get decent shot of detail I'll tell you a bit about what I added to my custom car.

The first detail that was important was the right engine and wheels. The wheels that came with the model were thin low rider style wheels and the engine was under the hood with no blower and scoop, so I had to buy a separate kit to pillage for parts. That took care of the exterior pretty well.

I wanted the trunk to be full of "stuff" since that's what we all put in it in the game. I bought a US Army weapons and equipment pack and got several guns from the game (two 10mm submachine guns, the hunting rifle, the M-60, the FN Fal, and the Grease Gun) as well a a good model of a rocket launcher that easily looks like the one used in the game. I took some ammo cans and painted them to look like 5mm AP and 5mm JHP, painted a canteen to look like the water flask, threw some water cans, a backpack, a car battery painted like a Micro Fusion Cell, and a few other sundries in the trunk. The most important detail in the trunk, is a metal briefcase with the word G.E.C.K. painted on it.

One of the cars I bought came with a computer so I painted it in Pipboy colors and painted a small version of the world map on it. I mounted this to the dashboard in the style of a GPS navigation system. I also put a radar detector on the dash to look like another piece of the navigation system.

Anyway, those are a few of details and a bit of the process that went into making this model. It's not an exact copy of the in game car, but rather my interpretation of it. Hope you guys like it.

Chrysalis Highwayman
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