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January 23rd, 2006


uglybastard in fallout

Hola from a New Member

Hi all, I just found this community through Wikipedia and thought I'd join up and say hello. I've been a fan of Fallout for a long while and have recently begun two Fallout projects of my own. I just completed a model of the Highwayman, which came out pretty well. I couldn't find a '57 Chysler to chop the front end off of so I went with a complete '57 Bel Air (the Highwayman was the front end and hood of a '57 Chysler with the front bumper, cabin, and back end of the '57 Bel Air). The model came out well and I'll post pics here in the next day or so.

My other project is a Fallout tabletop (also called "pen and paper") which I'm currently adapting rules, weapons, perks, etc. and typing up. I ran a test game over the holiday's and it played well but revealed many flaws I needed to address. Right now with the help of a friend and a few websites as references I'm attempting to do a full (within reason) conversion of the Fallout style of gameplay. My goal is to have a working prototype document in three months, then spend the next four editing. After that I've got a friend who works in a printing house and I'm going to print as many as I can afford and I hope to debut the game at DragonCon in Atlanta. To be clear, the game books as well as CD's with the game book and soundtrack on it will be free, if I charge people someone could sue my ass. I'm gonna spned my own money to do something for the fans.

Anyway, I'll keep this community updated on my progress and hopefully I can meet a few of you at DragonCon near the end of this year for the debut of my homemade game.

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