March 12th, 2005

Introduction and first Question : What is the Highwayman?

I've never really been a big fan of RPGs because I could never get into the medieval setting that they nearly all seem to revolve arround. I was a bit skeptical when a friend gave me a copy of Fallout 2, I played through the temple and was a bit disappointed because of the number of giant ants and stupid little scorpions that gave my character more than enough trouble dealing with. I've had a hatred for RPGs because it always seemed that I would get killed by something stupid as soon as I left the first town. I've traveled quite a bit and never have I been attacked and lost a friend or family member to a rat or pack of dragonflies. Anyways I gave the game a chance and by the time I walked into The Den and got my first decent weapon the 10mm pistol I was hooked.

What I think helped me stick with the game was the total badass apocalyptic seting. I'm also really into cars and I'm a big fan of post apocalypse cars like the Vector from the band Information Society and of course the Last V8 Interceptor. Now I gues this brings me to my question:

Does anyone know what car the Chrysalis Motors Highwayman from Fallout 2 was based on, or what real life car is closest to the car in the game? And do you know of anyone who has undertaken the project of building a car similar to the Highwayman?

I'd like to know because I think the car is one of the best features in the game, despite the number of bugs associated with it. And I've been wanting to build a post apocalypse car for some time now, I don't think I'll be able to start with a Highwayman, but you never really know.
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